Press Ready Rollers

With Press Ready you are assured properly aligned rollers and built to meet or exceed manufacturer specifications. Take them out of the box and put them directly on your press.

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Inking Rollers

The inking rollers are normally composed by the ink ductor roller (rollers that first receive the ink), the ink form rollers (rollers that give the ink to the printing plate) and the distributor rollers. Suitable for Sheetfed appliations.

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Dampening Rollers

Dampening rollers take up the fountain solution uniformly from the transfer or metering roller, transfer it to the printing form and provide a good ink-fountain solution emulsion. We offer both Conventional system & Alcolor system of Dampenning rollers.

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Machinery & Compounds

Sigma Rollers offers turnkey projects including manufacturing and refurbishing units. These services comprise supplying in-house manufactured machinery, equipment, compounds and polymers and regular supply of raw material.

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Rilsan Rollers

Rilsan Rollers Rilsan, a high-performance polyamide polymer powder that is thermally fused to external surfaces to produce a tough protective layer. A Rilsan coating resists both physical wear and tear and chemical impacts like corrosion

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Print Roller Manufacturers and Exporters

Sigma Rollers Pvt Ltd is a trusted name among manufacturers and consumers of Rubber Rollers worldwide. Apart from high-quality rubber rollers, Sigma aims at supplying compounds with very high international standards.

With 40 years of experience, support of our rubber technologists, and high-end engineering team, Sigma delivers high-quality rubber rollers with cores made on CNC and SPMs. Our cutting edge production system is backed by reliable after sales service for complete customer satisfaction. This makes Sigma trusted globally by OEMs and End Users.

Sigma Rollers Pvt Ltd is the first Indian rubber rollers manufacturer to have developed and supplied compounds for high-speed double width presses which are running successfully for many years now.

Sigma has overseas manufacturing facilities in the United Kingdom ( and Saudi Arabia apart from our production hub at Bawana, Delhi, India.


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What our Clients Say

Sigma Rollers has helped us address the problem with sourcing durable and efficient rubber rollers for the last 7 years now. Their attention to details and regular disciplined supply model helps us focus on printing without worrying about rollers. We can vouch for quality of printing and durability of printers.

Our Reach

Sigma Rollers Pvt Ltd is a trusted name among manufacturers and consumers of Rubber Rollers. Sigma aims at Quality, Service and Reliability of its products and is committed to serve standards with best printing solutions. Click here for quick assistance.

  • Our Solutions

    As a worldwide direct & OEM supplier to the printing industry, we are unparalleled. Featured Solutions: Press Ready Rollers and Professional Series of compounds

  • Our Capablities

    Rollers built to your specification, custom compounded elastomers, decorative design, CNC machining, and more. See how we are the perfect fit for your business.

  • Our Statistics & Analysis

    This shows how robust our rollers are and analysis reveal how many impressions you can get out of our rollers compared to the average roller.


Proud to launch new grade : PlatinaUV

For UV ink applications, dimensional stability, ink transfer, and dot gain are the major issues faced by printers today. Printers who toggle back and forth between UV and Conventional inks som

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Presenting all new website for SIGMA ROLLERS

Matching the strides of Time we have just upgraded to a brand new design at Sigma Rollers The website is nor mobile and search engine friendly, apart from being more easy to use for our intern

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