Proud to launch new grade : UltimaUV

For UV ink applications, dimensional stability, ink transfer and dot gain are the major issues faced by printers today.Printers who toggle back and forth between UV and Conventional inks sometimes needs more time before the rollers acclimatize to the new ink and begin transferring properly.

Ultima UV has Exceptional quality ofresistance to permeabilityof Ink into pores thereby maintaining clean knap all the time.

Key Benefits

Improved Ink Transfer

Rubber rollers used in UV printing have ink fluidity problems.

  • No roller surface tackiness.
  • Improved ink transfer with good film strength.
  • Faster drying times.

Excellent StabilityUV Ultima

For both UV ink-Conventional Ink users the rollers are subjected to instability caused by chemical changes on the surface of the rollers.Ultima UV remains extremely stable both dimensionally,as well as in hardness.The benefits are 

  • Less downtime because of quick roller resetting.
  • Extended roller life
  • Shorter wash-up times

Resistance to Ink permeation

Over a period of time,rollers used in UV printing are susceptible to faster rates of ink glazing caused by the ink penetrating into the pores of rubber and filling in these pores.

  • Less Ink Glazing.
  • Excellent Dot reproduction.
  • Clean velvety surface.


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