Installation Ready (IR) Printing Rollers

irheaderOur USP is our Installation Ready Rollers (IR Rollers) which come fitted with bearing & circlips, individually packed as per OEM specifications.

During the process of recovering old rollers go to lathe machine and bearing puller is also applied for removing old bearings. Both these activities damage the uniformity of center hole which is the reference point for dimensions and machining of the complete roller. This results in eccentricity making rollers’ settings difficult.

It takes about 150 microns to get correct nip width and if the roller is eccentric by only 70 microns then the squeeze on other end would be more than 220 microns leading to many printing problems.

Get new core and new cover every time !

  • Made out of New core and rubber cover strictly as per OEM specifications.
  • Zero tolerance Eccentricity.
  • Dynamically balanced at high RPMs.
  • Supplied with premounted components like bearings, circlips etc.


  • Even Ink and water distribution,
  • No premature wear outs and pittings at the end,
  • Enhanced life of bearings and other expensive components,
  • Low heat build ups,


  • Quick water & ink balance,
  • Less downtime,
  • Cost savings,
  • Enhanced roller life,
  • Low maintenance,
  • Enhanced component life,
  • No recurring costs,
  • No afternoon dry ups,
  • Maintained ink & water balance.

IR (Installation Ready) Rollers available for the following machines:














Difference between Conventional model & Alcolor model:

Dampening rollers: In the dampening unit there are also rollers that receive the water and rollers that give the water to the printing plate. Accordingly, there may be two different dampening systems:

  • Conventional system
  • Alcolor system

In the following picture we can see a Heidelberg MO printing unit rollers scheme, with two different dampening systems.

In the conventional system there are three dampening rollers (W, W and S) which have a dampening sleeve. The IPA system (also called water-alcohol system or direct dampening) also is composed by 3 rollers, but the two rollers that give the water to the plate (W and W) have no sleeve and therefore are recovered with a hydrophilic rubber and have 3mm more of diameter to compensate the sleeve. The roller that receives the water (S) also may not have the dampening sleeve. In this case it is recovered with a special rubber with fibres.

In the Alcolor system there are only two rollers (W1 e R) without dampening sleeves.

In the following example the inking rollers are composed by ten rubber rollers, where B is the ink doctor, F1, F2, F3 and F4 are the ink form rollers and D1, D2, D3 and D the distributors rollers. The A rollers normally is a steel roller, The T roller can be a chromo-steel. The S roller may be a chromo-steel roller or a rilsan roller.

E, C and J are offset tables recovered with rilsan or ebonite.



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