Inking Rollers for Better Printing

Inking Rollers for Highend Printing

The invention relates to an inking roller for an inking unit of an offset printing press wherein the inking roller includes a number of zones arranged in the direction of the axis of rotation and at least one ink reservoir in the interior of the inking roller. In each of the number of zones, at least one ink reservoir is connected to at least one ink exit in the circumferential surface of the inking roller. In inking units of offset printing presses, ink is frequently supplied from an ink fountain or ink reservoir to a group of inking unit rollers by means of an ink fountain roller and ink metering devices arranged along the axis of rotation of the ink fountain.

The inking rollers are normally composed by the ink ductor roller (rubber rollers that first receive the ink), the ink form rollers (rubber rollers that give the ink to the printing plate) and the distributor rollers.

INKING ROLLERS : Suitable for sheetfed application.

We at SIGMA ROLLERS have following grades to meet your requirements.

  1. Platina   :  for Conventional Ink
  2. PlatinaUV : for UV-HUV and Hybrid Inks
  3. Platina CU : for UV and Conventional Inks
  4. UltimaEx    :  for Conventional and UV applications
  5. Ultima         :  for Conventional Inks

Platina   :  for Conventional Ink


Ink applications, dimensional stability, Ink transfer and dot gain are the major Issues faced by printers today. Printers who toggle back and forth between UV and Conventional Inks sometimes needs more time before the rollers acclimatize to the new ink and begin transferring properly. Has exceptional quality of resistance to permeability of Ink Into pores thereby maintaining clean knap all the time. UV ink rollers are meant for exclusive printing objects, in which hybrid UV Ink can be used for better results.


  • Good tensile strength, better dimensional and hardness stability.
  • Resistant to oil, acrylates, abrasion and glazing.
  • Better ink storage and transferability.
  • Close Grinding tolerance results in even ink distribution.
  • Excellent resilience converts heat energy into kinetic energy.
  • Superb resistance to swelling & shrinking.
 Platina CU

For both UV ink-Conventional ink users, the rollers are subjected to instability caused by chemical changes on the surface of the rollers.Platina UV remains extremely stable for both dimensionally, as well as in hardness.


The benefits are:

  • Less downtime because of quick roller resetting
  • Extended roller life
  • Shorter Wash-up times
  • Resistance to ink permeation

Platina UV

Rubber rollers used in UV printing have ink fluidity problems. With Platina UV there is:

Over a period of time, rollers used In UV printing are susceptible to faster rates of ink glazing caused by the ink penetrating into the pores of rubber and filling in these pores.

  • Improved ink transfer
  • No roller surface tackiness
  • Improved Ink transfer with good film strength
  • Faster drying times
  • Excellent dimensional & hardness stability
  • Less Ink Glazing
  • Excellent Dot Reproduction
  • Clean velvety surface
  • Excellent dot reproduction


  • Excellent tensile strength,better dimensional stability
  • Hardness stability
  • Resistant to oils, acrylates, abrasion and glazing
  • Better ink storage and transferability
  • Superb resistance to swelling & shrinkage
  • Excellent resilience
  • Comes with extended warranty period.


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