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Rollers comprise of Rubber compounds that are specialised for specific conditions. They are manufactured keeping in mind those conditions such as the speed at which they will be working, the type of chemicals they are used with. The roller speed is taken special care of as on higher speeds more heat is generated.

  • Inking RollersInking Rollers
    Ultima is used for conventional and hybrid Ink manufacturing. It is ideal for handling UV ink, in which concentration varies from 10% to 100%. The compound acts as a great resistance to Acrylates and avoids swelling and shrinking. We have developed rubbers for fast speed Offset printers, which run over a great speed. The dynamic rubber in our rollers remains cool even after heavy usage and increases the life of your printer. The temperature of printing press remains stabilised and less heat is generated. Generation of less heat, requires less energy for lowering the temperature of the unit. More stable conditions are obtained with these rollers.
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  • Dampening RollersDampening Rollers
    For IPA, IPA reduced and IPA free printing solutions, Aquaflo is used. It is an excellent compound for manufacturing Pan and Meteric Rollers. The compound sustains excellent wetting properties because of great hydrophilic formulation. Due to instant water-ink balance, these rollers provide fast start-up speeds.
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  • Sirok RollersSirok Rollers
    Sirok Rollers have great Abrasive strength and best suited to riders. With great strength, these rollers have exceptional Ink Transfer Qualities.
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  • Installation Ready RollersInstallation Ready Rollers
    Installation Ready rollers are designed and developed as per OEM specifications. They are made of new core and rubber cover with zero tolerance eccentricity. Installation Ready Rollers are delivered with premountings of compounds like bearings, circlips, etc.
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